David McCracken

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Two new algorithms for Golomb ruler derivation were developed and are presented together with the previously published standard algorithm. One of the new algorithms was used to prove computationally the optimality of three rulers. Two of these were previously proven but yet unpublished, and the authors' independent derivation connrmed these results. The(More)
In 1991, Deloitte & Touche got a wake-up call about its efforts to retain women professionals. While it was recruiting almost as many women as men, the company had a much higher turnover rate for women. Many in the firm thought Deloitte was doing everything it could to retain talented women, but when they looked harder, they found otherwise. Most women(More)
Milk-borne insulin-like growth factors I and II (IGF-I and -II) may be of importance in the differentiation of the gastrointestinal tract of the suckling. To test this hypothesis, 10- to 11-d-old suckling rats were given via an orogastric tube 125I-IGF-I (n = 6) or 125I-IGF-II (n = 6) in rat milk and killed 30 min later. The results of this study(More)
BACKGROUND Insulin-like growth factors (IGF)-I and -II are present in milk of a number of mammalian species. The stability of IGF-I and -II in the intestinal lumen was investigated by measuring the proteolytic degradation of 125I-labeled IGF-I and IGF-II by rat (suckling and adult) intestinal luminal flushings in vitro. METHODS Degradation of 125I-labeled(More)
Numerous interactions between malignant and stromal/inflammatory cells take place within solid human tumours, which are mediated, in part, by the release of signalling proteins called cytokines. In the present study, we have compared the secretion of two important immunomodulatory cytokines, IFN-gamma and IL-4 by individual, immunophenotyped NK cells(More)
Insulin is an important regulatory hormone in the control of fetal growth. In a fetal rabbit model, a non-ruminant species, the effects of insulin deprivation on glucose, growth and protein metabolism were studied. The fetuses of 10 pregnant New Zealand white rabbits in one uterine horn received a subcutaneous injection on day 25 of gestation (term = 30(More)
Graphical interfaces and windowing systems are now the norm for computer-human interaction. Also, advances in computer networking have given computer users access to immense distributed resources accessible from anywhere on the network. In this setting, the desktop, or personal, computer plays the role of a user-interface engine that mediates access to the(More)