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BACKGROUND Mastoiditis is a known cause of lateral venous sinus thrombosis (LST). We have encountered patients with LST associated with mastoid abnormality on MRI without any clinical signs of infection; the significance of these abnormalities is uncertain. This study examines the relationship of LST and mastoid air sinus abnormalities systematically. (More)
Neurosarcoidosis can worsen despite standard immunosuppressive therapy, a situation for which there is no established medical management. We present three cases of medically refractory neurosarcoidosis treated with infliximab. All three patients showed a clinical response to this treatment and side effects were limited. A summary of reported cases of(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVT) is a potentially serious but treatable disorder that has been underdiagnosed in the past. Delay in diagnosis and treatment of this disorder has resulted in the death of one of our patients. AIM To review the local experience with CVT in order to identify factors that may allow diagnosis and appropriate(More)
The case of a left handed girl aged 18 years suffering from the "epidermal maevus syndrome" is described. She presented with dysphasia, transient left hemiparesis, and sensory symptoms due to an occlusion of the right internal carotid artery. Arterial occlusion, abnormal retinal vessels, and Raynaud's phenomenon have not been previously documented. The(More)
Thirty-nine patients with various types of isolated homonymous hemianopias resulting from ischaemic lesions in the posterior parts of the cerebral hemisphere was examined by CAT scanning. Most had localised low density lesions withing the distribution of the posterior cerebral artery. The location of the lesion (deduced from a separate anatomical study of(More)