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Vibration monitoring of rolling element bearings is possibly the most established diagnostic technique for rotating machinery. The application of Acoustic Emission (AE) for bearing diagnosis is gaining ground as a complementary diagnostic tool; however, limitations in the successful application of the AE technique have been partly due to the difficulty in(More)
Continuous rubbing between the shaft and surrounding seals or end-glands of electricity generating turbine units can escalate into very severe vibration and costly rotor damage. Therefore such rotor–stator contacts require early diagnosis so as to minimize the financial consequences of any unplanned shutdowns. Acoustic emissions (AEs) or stress wave(More)
  • S. Ali Mirhadizadeh, D. Mba
  • 2009
Numerous studies have been conducted in the field of Acoustic Emission technology applied to rotating machine fault diagnosis. Principally most of the work to date has been focused on correlating Acoustic Emission (AE) activity to the defect condition on rolling element bearings with limited investigations on hydrodynamic bearings. In developing the AE(More)
Pumps play a significant role in industrial plants and need continuous monitoring to minimize loss of production. This paper investigates the application of Acoustic Emission (AE) for detecting incipient cavitation. In addition this paper presents results from an ongoing programme to ascertain the applicability of the AE technique for determining the best(More)
The use of condition monitoring (CM) data to predict remaining useful life have been growing with increasing use of health and usage monitoring systems on aircraft. There are many data-driven methodologies available for the prediction and popular ones include artificial intelligence and statistical based approach. The drawback of such approaches is that(More)
In electric power generation, customers want generators with high efficiency. Nowadays, modern turbo-generators have efficiencies greater than 98%. Although this amount should not be obtained for all kind of machines, efficiency will remain one of the main parameters for customer choice. Efficiency is also linked to the life of the machine: the higher the(More)
The release of the open source 3-D printer known as the RepRap (a self-Replicating Rapid prototyper) resulted in the potential for distributed manufacturing of products for significantly lower costs than conventional manufacturing. This development, coupled with open source-appropriate technology (OSAT), has enabled the opportunity for 3-D printers to be(More)
Inaccurate motor parameters can lead to an inefficient motor control. Although several motor estimation methods have been utilized to estimate motor parameters, it is still challenging to ensure a good level of confidence in the estimation. In this paper, we propose a novel offline induction motor parameter estimation method based on sparse grid(More)
The ability to detect and diagnose faults in rolling element bearings is crucial for modern maintenance schemes. Several techniques have been developed to improve the ability of fault detection in bearings using vibration monitoring , especially in those cases where the vibration signal is contaminated by background noise. Linear Prediction and(More)