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With processor and memory technologies pushing the performance limit, the bottleneck is clearly shifting towards the system interconnect. Any solution that addresses PCI's bus-based interconnect, which has serious scalability problems, must also protect the huge legacy infrastructure. PCI Express provides such an evolutionary approach and allows a smooth(More)
The dimorphic switch from a single-cell budding yeast to a filamentous form enables Saccharomyces cerevisiae to forage for nutrients and the opportunistic pathogen Candida albicans to invade human tissues and evade the immune system. We constructed a genome-wide set of targeted deletion alleles and introduced them into a filamentous S. cerevisiae strain,(More)
  • Paul Frymer, Amy Bridges, Kerstin Carlson, Malcolm Feeley, Beth Garrett, Howard Gillman +15 others
  • 2003
U sing the racial integration of national labor unions as a case study, I find that courts played an important and meaningfully autonomous role in integrating unions while elected officials largely failed to act. Courts, unlike elected officials, offered civil rights groups relatively easy access to the legal agenda. In response to thousands of cases in(More)
The memory wall (the gap between processing and storage speeds) remains a concern to computer systems designers. Caches have played a key role in hiding the performance gap by keeping recently ac-cessed information in fast memories closer to the processor. Multi and many core systems are placing severe demands on caches, exacerbating the performance(More)
in existence for only a few decades, the field of American political development (APD) has been an agent of many changes within the discipline of political science. It has been a leading force in the re-discovery of institutions; it has bolstered a comparative approach to American politics; it has helped to draw attention to previously neglected issues such(More)
The gastrointestinal tract microbiome has been suggested as a potential therapeutic target for metabolic diseases such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). However, the relationship between changes in microbial communities and metabolic disease-phenotypes are still poorly understood. In this study, we used antibiotics with markedly different(More)
Integration of a tactile display onto the end effector of a robot allows free-hand exploration of an encountered-type environment that provides both kinesthetic and cutaneous feedback. A novel tactile display approach, called Haptic Jamming, uses a combination of particle jamming and pneumatics to control the stiffness and shape of a surface. The tactile(More)
Pseudohyphal growth is a developmental pathway seen in some strains of yeast in which cells form multicellular filaments in response to environmental stresses. We used multiplexed transposon "Calling Cards" to record the genome-wide binding patterns of 28 transcription factors (TFs) in nitrogen-starved yeast. We identified TF targets relevant for(More)