David Matthews

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OBJECTIVE To explore the effect of a non-aerobic movement based activity on cognition in people with Alzheimer's type dementia (AD). METHODS The sample consisted of 27 patients fulfilling the AD ICD-10 diagnostic criteria. The patient sample was randomly divided into two groups: The Exercise Group received 6 weeks movement training and comprised 15(More)
BACKGROUND The large majority of people with dementia receive nothing in the way of specialist assessment and care at any stage of their illness. There is a particular lack of services focussed on early identification and intervention in dementia where there is the possibility of long-term harm reduction for people with dementia and their family carers. We(More)
A method to produce exact simultaneous confidence bands for the empirical cumulative distribution function that was first described by Owen, and subsequently corrected by Jager and Wellner, is the starting point for deriving exact nonparametric confidence bands for the survivor function of any positive random variable. We invert a nonparametric likelihood(More)
Pulses of growth hormone (GH) release in acromegaly may arise from hypothalamic regulation or from random events intrinsic to adenomatous tissue. To distinguish between these possibilities, serum GH concentrations were measured at 5-min intervals for 24 h in acromegalic men and women with active (n = 19) and inactive (n = 9) disease and in normal young(More)
BACKGROUND Domestic violence is the most common cause of nonfatal injury to women in the United States, with an estimated cost of $50 billion annually. Little is known about the spectrum of musculoskeletal injuries in victims of domestic violence. We examined the characteristics of abused women, the prevalence of musculoskeletal injuries, and the variables(More)
Patient-reported outcomes for liraglutide or glimepiride on metformin were investigated. Patients' treatment satisfaction on liraglutide was higher than with metformin alone and comparable with glimepiride+metformin. Patients perceived lower frequency of hypoglycaemia than glimepiride+metformin and lower frequency of hyperglycaemia than metformin. Impact of(More)
Pin1 is a member of the cis-trans peptidyl-prolyl isomerase family with potential anti-cancer therapeutic value. Here we report structure-based de novo design and optimization of novel Pin1 inhibitors. Without a viable lead from internal screenings, we designed a series of novel Pin1 inhibitors by interrogating and exploring a protein crystal structure of(More)
Dr Robin Morris is a reader in neuropsychology and Head of the Neuropsychology Unit at the Institute of Psychiatry (Department of Psychology, De Crespigny Park, London SE5 8AF; tel.: 020 7346 5363; fax: 020 7346 5363; e-mail: spjtrgm@iop.kcl.ac.uk.) His research interests include the neuropsychology of neurodegenerative disorders and epilepsy and the(More)