David Matthew Garner

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Screening for cervical cancer with DNA ploidy assessment by automated quantitative image cytometry has spread throughout China over the past decade and now an estimated 1 million tests per year are done there. Compared to conventional liquid based cytology, DNA ploidy has competitive accuracy with much higher throughput per technician. DNA ploidy has the(More)
Scientists are taking advantage of the Internet and collaborative web technology to accelerate discovery in a massively connected, participative environment--a phenomenon referred to by some as Science 2.0. As a new way of doing science, this phenomenon has the potential to push science forward in a more efficient manner than was previously possible. The(More)
This study’s aim is to analyze heart rate dynamics in subjects with diabetes by measures of heart rate variability (HRV). The correlation of chaotic global parameters in the two cohorts is able to assess the probability of cardiac failure and other dynamical diseases. Adults (46) were divided into two equal groups. The autonomic evaluation consisted of(More)
During the 1995 season, large (-275g), medium (175g) and small (125g) ’O’Henry’ peaches were stored in either air, 5% CO, + 2% 0, or 17% CO, + 6% 0, at 38°F (3.3”C). Large ‘O’Henry’ peaches benefited more from the 17% CO, + 6% 0, than from either the 5% CO, + 2% 0, or the air storage treatment. During the 1996 season, large, medium and small ‘Elegant Lady’(More)
We present a simple and reliable method to calibrate respiratory magnetometers and Respitrace to infer respiratory volume changes. As in earlier methods, we assume two degrees of freedom in the chest wall and that volume displacement depends linearly on surface motion at the rib cage and abdomen. Because the area of the rib cage is larger, a given motion of(More)
A multitude of texts on anorexia nervosa have appeared in recent years, many of them circumstribed in their approach or aimed primarily at the lay reader. This book comes from Canada and is both more ambitious and more substantial. The authors write with the authority derived from having themselves made important research contributions to the subject. Among(More)
• Container Fumigation of Table Grapes • Ozone and Table Grapes / Stone Fruit • Ozone and Citrus • SO2 Low Emission Rates to Control Botrytis • CO2 Effects on ‘Thompson Seedless’ Table Grapes • CO2 Effects on ‘Redglobe’ Table Grapes • Pomegranate Postharvest Fungicide Update • Postharvest Abstracts • Future Events COOPERATIVE EXTENSION University of(More)
I read with great interest the article by Wentzensen et al. (1). The analysis is biased in that it is constrained to high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV)–positive (hrHPV+) cases only. Although this is made clear by the authors, readers unfamiliar with the consequences of this bias may misinterpret the performance indicators, especially the reported(More)
The kinetics of the addition reaction of muonium (Mu) to acetylene have been studied in the gas phase at N2 moderator pressures mainly from ∼800 to 1000 Torr and over the temperature range from 168 to 446 K, but also down to 200 Torr at 168 K and over a much higher range of pressures, from 10 to 44 bar at 295 K, demonstrating pressure-independent rate(More)