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A return to the political
Towards Revolution or Reform? Radical Democratic Impasse in France’s May 68
This final case study chapter explores the famed events of May 1968 in France. With students and workers “stepping out” of their usual social functions and contesting the Gaullist socio-politicalExpand
Five Lessons from European Democracy
Outside of some states still struggling with post-communist transitions, Europe itself may be the first European democracy to collapse in decades. Though never a bastion of participatory democracyExpand
Five Problems for Radical Democratic Theory
In this chapter, the work turns to the question of implications for the radical democratic project. As the chapter details, these eight agonistic/antagonistic scenarios and three identified generalExpand
Agonism and Antagonism: Past and Future Possibilites of Radical Democracy
Though radical democratic theory has become a mainstay in progressive political thought, it is clear that more work needs to be done in terms of establishing the empirical bases for its appearanceExpand
Radically Open to Radically Closed: The End of Agonism in Post-Colonial Singapore
This chapter explores the nature of radical democratic possibilities in Singapore between 1945 and 1970. This was the period in which Singapore’s anti-colonial forces such as the militant tradeExpand
Cross-Case Comparison: Scenarios and Circumstances of Radical Democratic Politics
The comparative analytical work needed to establish general circumstances across the cases is conducted in this chapter. Through comparison, it is demonstrated that the possibilities for radicalExpand
The Future of Radical Democracy
In the final chapter, the work moves to the question of where radical democratic thought stands in light of the identified challenges. It also asks which interventions are required to shield theExpand
Populist hangover: Lessons from Southeast Asia
This article explores the concept of “populist hangover” in the context of Southeast Asia. Its intention is to provide analysts of populism with a series of lessons derived from the Southeast AsianExpand
Thought and Action: The Theoretical Bases of Radical Democratic Agonism
In order to set the theoretical parameters for the work, this chapter explores the projects of Chantal Mouffe, William Connolly, Bonnie Honig, and Jacques Ranciere in detail, paying close attentionExpand