David Mas

Julián Espinosa1
Belen Ferrer1
Begoña Domenech1
Consuelo Hernández1
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We present a noninvasive technique for high-speed measuring of eye retraction and eyelid position during blinking. The anterior chamber of the eye is illuminated by the slit lamp of a biomicroscope and eye dynamics during a blinking sequence are captured with a high-speed camera working at 500 frames per second. Digital image processing allows quantitative(More)
Our aim was to ascertain whether the ultrasonic measurement of longitudinal corneal apex displacements carried out in a proper headrest is a credible method of ocular pulse (OP) detection. To distinguish between longitudinal movements of the eye globe treated as a rigid body and ocular surface expansion caused by the variations of the eye-globe volume, two(More)
Subpixel methods increase the accuracy and efficiency of image detectors, processing units, and algorithms and provide very cost-effective systems for object tracking. Published methods achieve resolution increases up to three orders of magnitude. In this Letter, we demonstrate that this limit can be theoretically improved by several orders of magnitude,(More)
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