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This chapter considers some of the everyday practicalities of achieving participation and managing user-designer relations (UDRs) when delivering an electronic health record (EHR) project within an NHS Hospital Trust. Using ethnographic, observational data we provide examples pertinent to understanding how UDRs play out in an NHS setting; documenting the(More)
This report projects the need for unmanned aerial and ground vehicles to assist with a response to a hazardous material incident, also called chemical biological radiological or nuclear (CBRN) events. The projected needs for the identification and containment phases were determined by a preliminary cognitive work analysis of CBRN response based on concept(More)
1) This report was commissioned by UKOLN from Book Industry Communication in March 1997 in response to two related eLib supporting studies, arising from recommendations made at the first MODELS workshop in December 1995. 2) It reflects the new relevance of metadata standardisation as the network becomes the primary medium for the dissemination of many types(More)
BACKGROUND Psychomotor testing has been recently incorporated into residency training programs not only to objectively assess a surgeon's abilities but also to address current patient-safety advocacy and medicolegal trends. The purpose of this study was to develop and test a cost-effective psychomotor training and assessment tool-The Fundamentals of(More)
Scholars have long debated whether, and to what extent, law constrains judicial decisions. Because the meaning of law is disputed, many believe that judicial decisions cannot be empirically evaluated on grounds internal to the practice of law. This article demonstrates that empirical analysis of judicial decisions can nevertheless provide objective, albeit(More)
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