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The Frequent Frames model (Mintz, 2003) attempts to assign words to word categories based on their distributional patterns of usage. This model is highly successful in categorizing words in child-directed speech in English, but has been shown by Erkelens (2008) to be less effective with Dutch material. We show that extending the amount of contextual(More)
Typical scenarios in the city or on campus, show a high proliferation of wireless communication devices such as smartphones, laptops or netbooks. Wireless 802.11 networks between these devices allow for a spontaneous exchange of content or provision of services without the need for infrastructure-based services. However, the above mentioned proliferation of(More)
We describe a case of painful snapping in the medial aspect of the knee of a 40-year-old man, following a knee hyperflexion injury. Dynamic real-time ultrasonography determined that the snapping was due to the distal tendon of sartorius passing over a medial meniscal cyst. The patient subsequently underwent arthroscopic decompression of the cyst instead of(More)
This paper presents research in the area of software-defined networks. The goal of our research is to identify how software-defined networks (SDN) could reduce cost, and improve efficiency to provide significant business value to many enterprises and industries. These outcomes can lead to increased market potential for competitors which identify favorable(More)
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