David Martin Evers

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Support for multimedia applications by general purpose computing platforms has been the subject of considerable research. Much of this work is based on an evolutionary strategy in which small changes to existing systems are made. The approach adopted here is to start ab initio with no backward compatibility constraints. This leads to a novel structure for(More)
The charter of SRC is to advance both the state of knowledge and the state of the art in computer systems. From our establishment in 1984, we h a v e performed basic and applied research to support Digital's business objectives. Our current w ork includes exploring distributed personal computing on multiple platforms, networking, programming technology,(More)
We present a new probabilistic model of evolution of RNA-, DNA-, or protein-like sequences and a tool rose that implements this model. By insertion, deletion and substitution of characters, a family of sequences is created from a common ancestor. During this artificial evolutionary process, the "true" history is logged and the "correct" multiple sequence(More)
RNA Movies is a system for the visualization of RNA secondary structure spaces. Its input is a script consisting of primary and secondary structure information. From this script, the system generates animated graphical structure representations. In this way, it creates the impression of an RNA molecule exploring its own 2D structure space. RNA Movies has(More)
Modula-3 provides language-level features such as threads, objects and exceptions which are useful in distributed systems. The ANSA testbench provides a complete infrastructure for object-based distributed systems, but currently requires the use of C as the main programming language. We describe a successful attempt to marry the two, which provides a(More)
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