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In recent years, Support Vector Machines (SVMs) were successfully applied to a wide range of applications. Their good performance is achieved by an implicit non-linear transformation of the original problem to a high-dimensional (possibly infinite) feature space in which a linear decision hyperplane is constructed that yields a nonlinear classifier in the(More)
Customer churn prediction models aim to detect customers with a high propensity to attrite. Predictive accuracy, comprehensibility, and justifiability are three key aspects of a churn prediction model. An accurate model permits to correctly target future churners in a retention marketing campaign, while a com-prehensible and intuitive rule-set allows to(More)
This paper surveys the intersection of two fascinating and increasingly popular domains: swarm intelligence and data mining. Whereas data mining has been a popular academic topic for decades, swarm intelligence is a relatively new subfield of artificial intelligence which studies the emergent collective intelligence of groups of simple agents. It is based(More)
Process discovery is the automated construction of structured process models from information system event logs. Such event logs often contain positive examples only. Without negative examples, it is a challenge to strike the right balance between recall and specificity, and to deal with problems such as expressiveness, noise, incomplete event logs, or the(More)
Rats with unilateral dopamine (DA) depletions (hemi-Parkinson rats) display directional biases in their locomotion in spontaneous and drug induced tests. These biases have been explained as being due either to changed responsiveness to sensory stimulation, changes in motor ability, or to central changes, but as yet their basis is not fully understood. The(More)
The auditor is required to evaluate whether substantial doubt exists about the client entity's ability to continue as a going concern. Accounting debacles in recent years have shown the importance of proper and thorough audit analysis. Since the 80s, many studies have applied statistical techniques, mainly logistic regression, as an automated tool to guide(More)