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Thank you for joining us along the Front Range in Colorado for a conference aimed at advancing the knowledge and practice related to the human side of managing fire prone landscapes. Specifically, this conference was intended for researchers and professionals involved in the science or practice of the human dimensions of wildland fire including suppression,(More)
Forest fire managers in the province of Ontario, Canada have used computer-based decision support systems (DSSs) and actively supported their development since the late 1970's. I describe four DSS projects in which I was involved and discuss factors that I believe contributed to the success and failure of those initiatives. I then outline some emerging fire(More)
Literature reviews are always very challenging and the fact that this one is based on a conference presentation inflicts even more constraints on its author. The author reviews the literature pertaining to how fire or the likelihood that part of a forested landscape might burn has been incorporated into forest management planning models. The large number of(More)
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