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The primary function of wireless sensor networks is data acquisition or monitoring of some medium, such as temperature. In many instances these networks are deployed throughout inaccessible or hazardous regions meaning frequent maintenance such as battery replacement is undesirable and in some cases impossible. Intelligent power management for these devices(More)
Interpolation is a technique used to estimate the value of a function at a given location, assuming that the values of the function are known for surrounding locations. A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a spatially distributed set of sensor platforms usually with a range of sensory modalities e.g. temperature or light intensity. Interpolation can be used(More)
Computational protein design is a reverse procedure of protein folding and structure prediction, where constructing structures from evolutionarily related proteins has been demonstrated to be the most reliable method for protein 3-dimensional structure prediction. Following this spirit, we developed a novel method to design new protein sequences based on(More)
The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the US Agency for International Development or the BASICS project. PREFACE It is hard to describe the sense of relief and completion I have with the publication of this manual. From 1987-92 I headed a five country study of Positive Deviance in Nutrition. It(More)
Partner Organizations Matching funds have been provided by the The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has supported a diversity of NCEAS projects. A new project is designed to identify, map and compare the importance of human impacts on the California Current marine ecosystem. This project partners the University of California with non-governmental(More)
The positive deviance approach identifies and promotes existing uncommon healthy behaviours. A positive deviance-informed antenatal project was pilot-tested in Al-Minia Governorate, Upper Egypt, during 2003-2004, after a positive deviance study in 2000 found that successful pregnancies had increased consumption of meat and vegetables, daytime rest, and(More)
This paper explores the structural and behavioural similarities that exist between the chemical constitution of natural substances and WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) topology. It introduces Atomic Topology Management (AToM), which uses concepts like WSN electron, WSN nucleus, WSN photon, and WSN atom to model sensor node, base station, message and basic WSN(More)