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Process management mechanisms (process duplication, migration and checkpoint/restart) are very useful for high performance and high availability in clustering systems. The single system image approach aims at providing a global process management service with mechanisms for process checkpoint, process migration and process duplication. In this context, a(More)
—Energy efficiency has now become one of the major design constraints for current and future cloud data center operators. One way to conserve energy is to transition idle servers into a lower power-state (e.g. suspend). Therefore, virtual machine (VM) placement and dynamic VM scheduling algorithms are proposed to facilitate the creation of idle times.(More)
Writing parallel programs for clusters of workstations is still a challenging task. In this paper, we present Kerrighed, a Single System Image (SSI) operating system giving the illusion of an SMP machine, and providing the standard posix thread interface to developers. It is therefore possible to use Kerrighed to run OpenMP programs compiled for(More)
Almost ten years after its premises, the Grid'5000 testbed has become one of the most complete testbed for designing or evaluating large-scale distributed systems. Initially dedicated to the study of High Performance Computing, the infrastructure has evolved to address wider concerns related to Desktop Computing, the Internet of Services and more recently(More)
This paper introduces capabilities as a tool to tailor cluster mechanisms usage on a per process basis in a single system image operating system. Using capabilities, processes should only pay the cost in terms of OS resources for the operating system of the mechanisms they want to use. We relate capabilities to policies that are used to try to ensure(More)