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Self-replication is a process critical to natural and artificial life, but has been investigated to date mostly in simulation and in abstract systems. The near absence of physical demonstrations of self-replication is due primarily to the lack of a physical substrate in which self-replication can be implemented. This paper proposes a substrate composed of(More)
In most of the western world where industrial hemp, Cannabis sativa, is licensed for cultivation, the plants must not exceed a level of 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the principal intoxicating constituent of the species. Because there are no publicly available germplasm hemp collections in North America and only a very few, recent North American(More)
Remote loading of liposomes by transmembrane gradients is one of the best approaches for achieving the high enough drug level per liposome required for the liposomal drug to be therapeutically efficacious. This breakthrough, which enabled the approval and clinical use of nanoliposomal drugs such as Doxil, has not been paralleled by an in-depth understanding(More)
Integration of computational methods in the early stages of drug discovery has been one of the key trends in the pharmaceutical industry. Starting with high quality drug candidates should ultimately minimize clinical attrition rates and give rise to higher success rates. In this paper, we present a novel approach for indexing oral druglikeness of compounds.(More)
Chemical diversity is a widely applied approach to select structurally diverse subsets of molecules, often with the objective of maximizing the number of hits in biological screening. While many methods exist in the area, few systematic comparisons using current descriptors in particular with the objective of assessing diversity in bioactivity space have(More)
BACKGROUND In a recent paper, Mussa, Mitchell and Glen (MMG) have mathematically demonstrated that the "Laplacian Corrected Modified Naïve Bayes" (LCMNB) algorithm can be viewed as a variant of the so-called Standard Naïve Bayes (SNB) scheme, whereby the role played by absence of compound features in classifying/assigning the compound to its appropriate(More)
ABSTRACT Both metabolism and transport are key elements defining the bioavailability and biological activity of molecules, i.e. their adverse and therapeutic effects. Structured and high quality experimental data stored in a suitable container, such as a relational database, facilitates easy computational processing and thus allows for high quality(More)
Remote drug loading into nano-liposomes is in most cases the best method for achieving high concentrations of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) per nano-liposome that enable therapeutically viable API-loaded nano-liposomes, referred to as nano-drugs. This approach also enables controlled drug release. Recently, we constructed computational models to(More)
2 Summary Many increasingly prevalent diseases share a common risk factor: age. However, little is known about pharmaceutical interventions against ageing, despite many genes and pathways shown to be important in the ageing process and numerous studies demonstrating that genetic interventions can lead to a healthier ageing phenotype. An important challenge(More)