David Marchetti

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The Data Acquisition System (DAQ) and the Front-End electronics for an array of Kinetic Inductance Detectors (KIDs) are described. KIDs are superconductive detectors, in which electrons are organized in Cooper pairs. Any incident radiation could break a pair generating a couple of quasi-particles that increase the inductance of the detector. The DAQ system(More)
Cosmic microwave background radiation anisotropies calls for extreme precision measurement of photon energy in the range of 70 to 900 GHz. Kinetic Inductance Detectors (KID) are able to reduce the effects of the radiative noise. In this paper we describe the Front-End electronics architecture we adopted for the Data Acquisition System of a Kinetic(More)
The mitochondria plays a role in apoptosis. Its genome is also more susceptible to mutations because of high levels of reactive oxygen species and limited repair mechanisms. The D-loop of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) contains essential transcription and replication elements, and mutations in this region might alter the rate of DNA replication. We examined(More)
OBJECTIVE It has been postulated that gemcitabine inhibits DNA repair, and platinum resistance is due to increased DNA repair activity. The addition of gemcitabine to platinum-based agents may have synergistic tumoricidal activity. METHODS Retrospective chart review of all patients with recurrent, persistent, or progressive fallopian tube or ovarian(More)
The analysis of potassium in the vitreous humour has long been regarded as an important tool in medicolegal and forensic toxicological investigation, particularly for the determination of the post-mortem interval. The present work was aimed at the optimisation and validation of a reliable, simple and fast capillary electrophoresis method for potassium(More)
Since WACKER, CHANDRA et al. 1, ~ f i rs t d iscovered the abi l i ty of ace tone to p romote the pho tod imer i za t ion of pyr imidines , water -soluble ketones have been widely employed to induce the p h o t o d a m a g e of nucleic acid cons t i tuen t s a-5. On the o ther hand, the pho to reac t ions of such ke tones wi th pro te ins are stil l(More)
Granulosa cell tumor (GCT) is a rare neoplasm hallmarked by a very indolent course and late recurrences. Although numerous clinical and pathological parameters have been implicated as prognostic factors for GCT, their role remains controversial. We performed a retrospective study at our institution where we identified 48 patients with GCT from our tumor(More)
OBJECTIVES The time interval between diagnoses of breast and epithelial ovarian cancer is not well established in women with dual primary tumors of both organ sites. Our goals were to examine the time interval between diagnoses and identify any relationship to clinicopathologic factors. METHODS We identified 49 patients who developed both cancers. These(More)
A processor-based Data Acquisition System (DAQ) for an array of Kinetic Inductance Detectors (KIDs) is described. KIDs are superconductive bolometers, in which any incident radiation could change the inductance of the detector. An array of N KIDs is composed of N detectors, each one resonating on its own frequency. A feed-line passes close to each KID and(More)
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