David Marcheix

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In this paper, we present a survey of existing approaches on persistent naming in parametric system. We identify five common concepts that may be found in most of the studies. We propose two orthogonal criteria for classifying persistent naming approaches. This survey is intended to represent a state of the art of robust parametric reevaluation of geometric(More)
Hierarchical representations, such as irregular pyramids, are the bases of several applications in the field of discrete imagery. So, n-dimensional " bottom-up " irregular pyramids can be defined as stacks of successively reduced n-dimensional generalized maps (n-G-maps) [11], each n-G-map being defined from the previous level by using removal and(More)
Nowadays, many commercial CAD systems support history-based, constraint-based and feature-based modeling. Unfortunately, most systems fail during the re-evaluation phase when various kind of topological changes occur. This issue is known as "persistent naming" which refers to the problem of identifying entities in an initial parametric model and matching(More)
In current parametric systems, the persistent naming issue (based on edge mappings of intersecting surfaces) is not as fully supported as it should be. Unpredictability and ambiguity of models often happen during design reevaluation within systems. This reference deficiency is widely treated in the literature, especially about non-planar entities during(More)