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Ceruloplasmin, the main copper binding protein in blood plasma, has been of particular interest for its role in efflux of iron from cells, but has additional functions. Here we tested the hypothesis that it releases its copper for cell uptake by interacting with a cell surface reductase and transporters, producing apoceruloplasmin. Uptake and(More)
Optical refrigeration has been demonstrated by several groups of researchers, but the cooling elements have not been thermally linked to realistic heat loads in ways that achieve the desired temperatures. The ideal thermal link will have minimal surface area, provide complete optical isolation for the load, and possess high thermal conductivity. We have(More)
University and the CEPR Conference on The Firm and its Stakeholders, for very insightful discussions and comments. ABSTRACT The liquidation of distressed companies entails social costs, which lenders and managers do not fully inter-nalize. To mitigate this problem, bankruptcy laws in France and the US (in contrast with the UK or Germany) favor(More)
This study presents an adaptive bridge bearing that can sense structural loads and tune its properties to mitigate structural vibrations. The bearing utilizes magnetorheological elastomer (MRE) layers which allow for an increased stiffness induced with a magnetic field. The system also features a MRE-based sensing system for sensing the structural wind and(More)
"Designs and optical tests of thermal links for an optical refrigerator. ABSTRACT Dielectric mirror leakage at large angles of incidence limits the effectiveness of solid state optical refrigerators due to reheating caused by photon absorption in an attached load. In this paper, we present several thermally conductive link solutions to greatly reduce the(More)
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