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We describe the integration of some multilingual language resources in ontological descriptions, with the purpose of providing ontologies, which are normally using concept labels in just one (natural) language, with multilingual facility in their design and use in the context of Semantic Web applications, supporting both the semantic annotation of textual(More)
Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) require specialized management software to reduce the setup and configuration time. Although wireless routers can be configured independently , some parameters, like the ESSID or the channel, are common to all the network elements and a change in one of these parameters would cause partitioning problems if it does not take(More)
This paper describes the use of the Data Stream Processing technology on a telecommunications network to create a Real-time Mobile Advertisement System. Ads are based on the user's context, interests and profile. First we will describe the Stream Data Processing technology, its main key features, application scenarios and how it fits perfectly with the(More)
PDM is a distributed architecture for automating data mining (DM) and knowledge discovery processes (KDD) based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Planning. A user easily defines a DM task through a graphical interface specifying the dataset, the DM goals and constraints , and the operations that could be used within the DM process. Then, the tool(More)
Introduction We present a tool, PDM (Planning for Data Mining), based on Automated Planning that helps users (non necessarily experts on data mining) to perform DM (Data Mining) tasks. The starting point is a definition of the DM task to be carried out and the output is a set of plans that are executed in a DM tool to obtain a set of models and statistics.(More)
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