David Manley

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We present MLC ++ , a library of C ++ classes and tools for supervised Machine Learning. While MLC ++ provides general learning algorithms that can be used by end users, the main objective is to provide researchers and experts with a wide variety of tools that can accelerate algorithm development, increase software reliability, provide comparison tools, and(More)
The extent to which socioeconomic (dis)advantage is transmitted between generations is receiving increasing attention from academics and policymakers. However, few studies have investigated whether there is a spatial dimension to this intergenerational transmission of (dis)advantage. Drawing on the concept of neighbourhood biographies, this study contends(More)
1 Preliminaries 'Realism' is a term-of-art that is used frequently to describe views in philosophy , and often its application in a particular context is unproblematic. For instance, most will not hesitate to label Berkeley's idealism an irrealist view of material objects, to be contrasted with our ordinary, pre-theoretic realist view. Or again, the realist(More)
We develop and apply a multilevel modeling approach that is simultaneously capable of assessing multigroup and multiscale segregation in the presence of substantial stochastic variation that accompanies ethnicity rates based on small absolute counts. Bayesian MCMC estimation of a log-normal Poisson model allows the calculation of the variance estimates of(More)
This paper advances two theses about evolutionary debunking arguments in ethics. The first is that, while such arguments are often motivated with the rhetoric of " luck " , proponents of these arguments have not distinguished between the kinds of luck that might lead to the formation of a true belief. Once we make the needed distinctions, the relevance of(More)
Much of contemporary experimental philosophy involves taking surveys of 'folk' subjects to test their intuitions involving philosophically relevant concepts. The results of these surveys are often claimed to be surprising, and treated as evidence that the relevant folk intuitions cannot be predicted from the 'armchair'. We conducted an experiment to test(More)
Currently, the most popular views about how to update de se or self-locating beliefs entail the one-third solution to the Sleeping Beauty problem. 1 Another widely held view is that an agent's credences should be countably additive. 2 In what follows, I will argue that there is a deep tension between these two positions. For the assumptions that underlie(More)
Rutgers Complex demonstratives (in the singular) are noun phrases (or determiner phrases) that result from combining the determiners 'this' or 'that' with syntactically simple or complex common noun phrases, such as 'woman' or 'woman who is taking her skis off'. Thus, 'this woman', and 'that woman who is taking her skis off' are complex demonstratives. 1(More)