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This study assessed sexual abuse/attack histories in 573 [corrected] bariatric surgery patients using the PsyBari. The prevalence rates found were lower (15.5%, 19.3% of women, 5.2% of men) than other studies that used bariatric surgery patients but consistent with studies that used nonbariatric obese subjects. Furthermore, bariatric surgery patients who(More)
Micturition reflex instability may result from malfunction of the detrusor reflex or instability of the pudendal nucleus which innervates the pelvic floor muscles and external sphincter. Detrusor instability is the result of sacral micturition reflex center (SMRC) hyperexcitability. This may be caused by underinhibition or overfacilitation of the SMRC, and(More)
It is a common clinical misconception to regard the spinal micturition reflex center as fundamentally overactive and dependent on cerebral inhibition. Initiation and cessation of micturition is simplistically viewed as a manifestation of voluntary withdrawal and resumption of inhibitory corticospinal "regulation''. This view is in conflict with basic(More)
BACKGROUND Over 177,000 bariatric surgeries were performed in 2006. Most patients are required to receive presurgical psychological clearance, although there are no empirically validated psycho-surgical risk factors. In an effort to establish normative data on suspected risk factors, the present study was conducted to determine if males and females differ(More)
The objective was to examine the impact on general practice clinical activity of the granting of medical cards to all patients over 70 years of age on 01.07.01 under the General Medical Services (GMS) scheme. Retrospective case-control study. Chart review of 50 "new GMS" patients who received medical cards on 01.07.01 compared with 50 "old GMS" patients(More)
BACKGROUND Bariatric surgery patients are required to receive psychological clearance before they are eligible for surgery. In spite of this, there are no standard assessment practices or tests designed specifically for these evaluations. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to determine the reliability and construct validity of the PsyBari, a(More)