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The paper deals with potential influences of engineering standards on driver perception. The argument is advanced that, in certain cases, the common belief that simplification of the driving task increases safety might be misleading. This might be the situation following engineering improvements. Driver confidence in the system may then be increased and(More)
This paper assesses group differences in severe and fatal road-traffic accidents by using a unique database that merges road-traffic records with the Israeli census data. The database traces, over a period of 9 years, a group of drivers that comprises 20% of the Israeli population and explores the probability of their being involved in an accident. This(More)
Prior studies in the sociology of accidents have shown that different social groups have different rates of accident involvement. This study extends those studies by implementing Bourdieu's relational perspective of social space to systematically explore the homology between drivers' social characteristics and their involvement in specific types of motor(More)
The paper develops a sociological model to explain collisions between two drivers or more. The "Social Accident" model presented here integrates empirical findings from prior studies and extant sociological theories. Sociological theory posits that social groups have unique cultural characteristics, which include a distinctive world view and ways of(More)
mal steady-state control for isolated traffic intersections, " IEEE Transactions Abstract—A simplified isolated controlled vehicular traffic intersection with two movements is considered. A discrete-event max-plus model is proposed to formulate an optimization problem for the green-red switching sequence. In the case when the criterion is a strictly(More)
The paper describes the background and evaluates the effectiveness of a flashing green phase just before the amber leading to red phase in the traffic signal cycle. This type of signal sequence, practiced in Israel and a few other countries, was thought to provide drivers with useful information which should lead to better stop or go decisions. However,(More)
Optimal steady-state traffic control for isolated intersections, " Proceedings of the 6th IFAC Abstract: In this paper a simplified isolated controlled intersection is introduced. A discrete-event max-plus model is proposed to formulate the optimization problem for the switching sequences. The formulated max-plus problem is converted to be solved by linear(More)
INTRODUCTION Although prior studies of road traffic accidents have found between-group differences in risk, little attention has been given to the encounter between drivers involved in severe collisions. METHOD The present study empirically evaluates two different possible causes of "social accidents," which are defined as collisions between two or more(More)