David MacQueen

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SML/NJ and other Standard ML variants extend the ML module system with higher-order functors, elevating the module language to a full functional language. In this paper, we describe the implementation of the higher-order module system in SML/NJ, which is unique in providing “true” higher-order behavior at the static level. This second generation(More)
The determination of exoplanet properties and occurrence rates using Kepler data critically depends on our knowledge of the fundamental properties (such as temperature, radius, and mass) of the observed stars. We present revised stellar properties for 197,096 Kepler targets observed between Quarters 1–17 (Q1-17), which were used for the final transiting(More)
Density functional calculations have been employed to investigate the electronic structure of [M(CO)(5)X](-) species (M = Cr, Mo, W; X = NH(2), OH, halide, H, CH(3)) and to compute CO ligand dissociation energies. The calculations indicate that CO loss is most facile from the cis position, and CO dissociation energies are computed to increase along the(More)
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