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Is Negative Advertising Effective for Female Candidates?
Female candidates sometimes are discouraged from negative campaigning because they would risk voter backlash by defying gender stereotypes. In this experiment, a negative television campaignExpand
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Participation in E-Rulemaking: Interest Groups and the Standard-Setting Process for Hazardous Air Pollutants
ABSTRACT The advent of e-rulemaking raised concerns that regulatory agencies could become deluged if interest groups mobilized supporters to submit a high volume of comments electronically. ThisExpand
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Presidential Administration and the Environment: Executive Leadership in the Age of Gridlock
1. Environmental Policy Gridlock. 2. Greening the Administration. 3. Managing the Commons. 4. Water Quality. 5. Toxic Communities. 6. Climate Change. 7. Conclusion: Managing Chronic Gridlock.
Managing the Commons
Greening the Administration
Midnight Rulemaking and the Administrative Presidency of George W. Bush
Recent presidential transitions have experienced assertive attempts by outgoing administrations to cement legacies through interregnum rulemaking, especially in the policy areas of the environment,Expand
Rethinking California: Politics and Policy in the Golden State
Chapter 1 - The Three States of California Chapter 2 - California's Political History Chapter 3 - Political Culture and Politics in Postwar California Chapter 4 - People, Diversity, and CultureExpand
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