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Architectures for software use rich abstractions and idioms to describe system components, the nature of interactions among the components, and the patterns that guide the composition of components into systems. These abstractions are higher-level than the elements usually supported by programming languages and tools. They capture packaging and interaction(More)
Tuberous sclerosis (TSC) is an autosomally dominant neurocutaneous disease notable for its high comorbidity with autism in human patients. Studies of murine models of tuberous sclerosis have found defects in cognition and learning, but thus far have not uncovered deficits in social behaviors relevant to autism. To explore social communication and(More)
ITPACK 2C is a collection of seven FORTRAN subroutines for solving large sparse linear systems by adaptive accelerated iterative algorithms. Basic iterative procedures, such as the Jacobi method, the Successive Overrelaxation method, the Symmetric Successive Overrelaxation method, and the RS method for the reduced system are combined , where possible, with(More)
Rapamycin, a specific inhibitor for mTOR complex 1, is an FDA-approved immunosuppressant for organ transplant. Recent developments have raised the prospect of using rapamycin to treat cancer or diabetes and to delay aging. It is therefore important to assess how rapamycin treatment affects glucose homeostasis. Here, we show that the same rapamycin treatment(More)
Figure 10: Comparison of two diierent graph layouts for the same uses relation view: the rst contains cycles among layers, while the in the second cycles are reduced within the same layers. recognizers have no position on the diagram surface. Thus, display algorithms have to assign a position to each node of a graph, according to the kind of graph to be(More)
The regulated recruitment and differentiation of multipotent bone marrow-derived cells (BMDCs) to sites of injury are critical for efficient wound healing. Previously we demonstrated that sustained expression of HOXA3 both accelerated wound healing and promoted angiogenesis in diabetic mice. In this study, we have used green fluorescent protein-positive(More)
We are interested in iterative methods for solving systems of linear equations of the form Au = b, where A is a large sparse nonsingular matrix. When A is symmetric positive deenite, conjugate-gradient-type methods are often used since they are fairly well understood. On the other hand, when A is nonsymmetric, the choice of an eeective iterative method is(More)
Eigenvalue iterative methods, such as Arnoldi and Jacobi-Davidson, are typically used with restarting. This has signiicant performance shortcomings, since important components of the invariant subspace may be discarded. One way of saving more information at restart is the idea of \thick" restarting which keeps more Ritz vectors than needed. Our previously(More)