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We report an adult case of asymptomatic Bartter's syndrome with the first presentation of hypokalemic paralysis triggered by gentamicin injection. Marked hypokalemia and hypomagnesemia associated with excessive kaliuresis and magnesiuria were found. Plasma renin activity and aldosterone concentration were high, but blood pressure was normal. Renal biopsy(More)
BACKGROUND Injury to the skin can predispose individuals to invasive infection. The standard of care for infected wounds is treatment with intravenous antibiotics. However, antibiotics delivered intravenously may have poor tissue penetration and be dose limited by systemic side effects. Topical delivery of antibiotics reduces systemic complications and(More)
The diagnosis of hypoaldosteronism usually depends upon a combination of abnormal clinical and laboratory findings. The most common abnormality in hypoaldosteronism is hyperkalemia, which may be combined with sodium depletion. In the present study, 5 of 16 patients diagnosed with isolated hypoaldosteronism (IHA) had sodium depletion due to renal salt(More)
The preoperative evaluation for any reconstructive or aesthetic procedure requires a detailed history of existing medical conditions and current home medications. The prevalence of rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and psoriasis is high, but the impact of these chronic illnesses on surgical outcome and the side effects of the powerful(More)
Occult submucous cleft palate is a congenital deformity characterized by deficient union of the muscles that normally cross the velum and aid in elevation of the soft palate. Despite this insufficient muscle coverage, occult submucous cleft palate by definition lacks clear external anatomic landmarks. This absence of anatomic signs makes diagnosis of occult(More)
Burn and blast injuries are frequently complicated by invasive infections, which lead to poor wound healing, delay in treatment, disability, or death. Traditional approach centers on early debridement, fluid resuscitation, and adjunct intravenous antibiotics. These modalities often prove inadequate in burns, where compromised local vasculature limits the(More)
Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) continue to be a tremendous issue today. It is estimated 1.7 million HAIs occur per year, and cost the healthcare system up to $45 billion annually. Surgical site infections (SSIs) alone account for 290,000 of total HAIs and approximately 8,000 deaths. In today's rapidly changing world of medicine, it is ever(More)
BACKGROUND Wound infection can impair postoperative healing. Topical antibiotics have potential to treat wound infection and inflammation and minimize the adverse effects associated with systemic antibiotics. METHODS Full-thickness porcine wounds were infected with Staphylococcus aureus. Using polyurethane wound enclosure devices, wounds were treated with(More)
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