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We have used light microscopic histomorphometry to quantify the developmental histopathological changes induced by muscular dystrophy in the soleus and extensor digitorum longus (EDL) muscles of the mdx mouse. We find that this X-linked disease exhibits early fibre necrosis with foci of invasive cells, clustering of affected fibres, hyaline fibres, and, in(More)
Scientific innovation depends on finding, integrating, and re-using the products of previous research. Here we explore how recent developments in Web technology, particularly those related to the publication of data and metadata, might assist that process by providing semantic enhancements to journal articles within the mainstream process of scholarly(More)
Leukosialin (CD43) is a major glycoprotein of T lymphocytes whose extracellular domain of 224 amino acids contains on average one O-linked carbohydrate unit per three amino acids. This suggests an unfolded structure for the extracellular domain which has now been established to extend to a length of 45 nm by transmission electron microscopy following low(More)
Macrophage subpopulations in the mouse express a lectin-like receptor, sialoadhesin (originally named sheep erythrocyte receptor, SER), which selectively recognizes sialoglycoconjugates and is likely to be involved in cellular interactions of stromal macrophages in haematopoietic and lymphoid tissues. In this report we describe the purification and ligand(More)
Electronic light microscopy involves the combination of microscopic techniques with electronic imaging and digital image processing, resulting in dramatic improvements in image quality and ease of quantitative analysis. In this review, after a brief definition of digital images and a discussion of the sampling requirements for the accurate digital recording(More)
Physicochemical properties of mixtures of spectrin and actin extracted from human erythrocyte ghosts have been correlated with ultrastructural changes observed in freeze-fractured erythrocyte membranes. (1) Extracted mixtures of spectrin and actin have a very low solubility (less than 30 mug/ml) near their isoelectric point, pH 4.8. These mixtures are also(More)
Semantic publishing is the use of Web and Semantic Web technologies to enhance the meaning of a published journal article, to facilitate its automated discovery, to enable its linking to semantically related articles, to provide access to data within the article in actionable form, and to facilitate integration of data between articles. Recently, semantic(More)
FlyTED, the Drosophila Testis Gene Expression Database, is a biological research database for gene expression images from the testis of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. It currently contains 2762 mRNA in situ hybridization images and ancillary metadata revealing the patterns of gene expression of 817 Drosophila genes in testes of wild type flies and(More)