David M. Sharman

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for sharing key data and insights. Finally, we would like to thank participants in the NSF Science of Design Workshop, the MITUniversity of Munich Innovation Workshop, and the Conference on Advancing Knowledge and the Knowledge Economy for conversations that contributed to this paper in significant ways. We alone are responsible for errors, oversights, and(More)
as well as discussants Mari Sako and David Scharfstein for thoughtful comments on previous drafts. We alone are responsible for errors, oversights and faulty reasoning. Abstract Our goal in this paper is to explain the location of transactions (and contracts) in a system of production. Systems of production are engineered systems, and where to place "(More)
This study outlines a methodology for the valuation of the architecture of an integrated product or system through an appropriate level of modularization to maximize the societal value created. This method is developed through the application of the design structure matrix (DSM) and real options theory. The DSM method is utilized to develop an improved(More)
Self-service automatic teller machines (ATMs) have dramatically altered the ways in which customers interact with banks. ATMs provide the convenience of completing some banking transactions remotely and at any time. AT&T Global Information Solutions (GIS) is the world's leading provider of ATMs. These machines support such familiar services as cash(More)