David M Secko

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As acknowledged in the literature, public consultation related to biobanks has been largely oriented to assuring and informing rather than seeking considered input. In April and May of 2007, the authors participated in running a deliberative public engagement event in British Columbia, Canada, which sought to enhance public input related to the governance(More)
In addition to its previously established roles in cAMP relay and cAMP chemotaxis, loss of signal transduction through the RasC protein was found to impact a number of vegetative cell functions. Vegetative rasC- cells exhibited reduced random motility, were less polarized and had altered F-actin distribution. Cells lacking RasC also contained more protein(More)
In anticipation of increasing interest in public engagement, this article seeks to expand the current discussion in the neuroethics literature concerning what public engagement on issues related to neuroscience might entail and how they could be envisioned. It notes that the small amount of available neuroethics literature related to public engagement has(More)
RasG-regulated signal transduction has been linked to a variety of growth-specific processes and appears to also play a role in the early development of Dictyostelium discoideum. In an attempt to uncover some of the molecular components involved in Ras-mediated signalling, several proteins have been described previously, including the cell adhesion molecule(More)
Dictyostelium RasG has been implicated in the regulation of a variety of cellular processes, including the initiation of development, cell movement, and cytokinesis, but the molecular components of the signaling pathways involved are largely unknown. We used a tetracycline-regulated protein expression system to study the effect of activated RasG,(More)
Recently, public concerns have been expressed regarding the non-consented storage and secondary research uses of residual newborn bloodspot (RBS) samples. The purpose of this paper is to examine public responses to the storage and secondary uses of RBS that can be identified through analysis of media, legal cases, and documented public engagement(More)
Activated rasG, rasG(G12T), was expressed in Dictyostelium cells under the control of the folate-repressible discoidin promoter (pVEII-rasG(G12T)) and found to have a unique pattern of expression when cells were transferred to folate-deficient media: an initial increase of RasG(G12T) resulting from the removal of folate, followed by a rapid decline while(More)
The importance of evaluating deliberative public engagement events is well recognized, but such activities are rarely conducted for a variety of theoretical, political and practical reasons. In this article, we provide an assessment of the criteria presented in the 2008 National Research Council report on Public Participation in Environmental Assessment and(More)