David M S Martins

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We have applied a combination of spectroscopic and diffraction methods to study the adduct formed between squaric acid and bypridine, which has been postulated to exhibit proton transfer associated with a single-crystal to single-crystal phase transition at ca. 450 K. A combination of X-ray single-crystal and very-high flux powder neutron diffraction data(More)
The phenomenon of solid-state proton migration within molecular complexes containing short hydrogen bonds is investigated in two dimethylurea-oxalic acid complexes. Extensive characterisation by both X-ray and neutron diffraction shows that proton migration along the hydrogen bond can be induced in these complexes as a function of temperature. This(More)
In this study we present a combined crystallographic and computational study of a new polymorph of N,N'-dimethylurea (DMU) with P2(1)2(1)2 space group symmetry, along with a revised theoretical study of the previously known phase in its corrected space group (Fdd2). X-ray diffraction studies show crystal structures that are very similar, differing only in(More)
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