David M. Russell

David Nemazee2
Jennifer A. Kench1
Rob P Fender1
Fraser Lewis1
2David Nemazee
1Jennifer A. Kench
1Rob P Fender
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Peripheral B cell tolerance was studied in mice of the autoimmune-prone, Fas-deficient MRL/ lpr.H-2(d) genetic background by introducing a transgene that directs expression of membrane-bound H-2Kb antigen to liver and kidney (MT-Kb) and a second transgene encoding antibody reactive with this antigen (3-83mu delta, anti-Kk,b). Control immunoglobulin(More)
A central paradigm of immunology is clonal selection: lymphocytes displaying donally distributed antigen receptors are generated and subsequently selected by antigen for growth or elimination. Here we show that in mice transgenic for anti-H-2K k,b antibody genes, in which a homogeneous clone of developing B cells can be analyzed for the outcome of(More)
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