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Neural circuits implicated in drug conditioning, craving and relapse overlap extensively with those involved in natural reward and reinforcement. To determine whether specificity could be detected in conditioned brain responses to drugs versus food, male outbred HSD:ICR mice were conditioned to a common environment using either 20 mg/kg cocaine (ip) or a(More)
The problem of assessing pollution in the catchment of the Fraser River, British Columbia, Canada, was addressed by using benthic macroinvertebrates to develop a biomonitoring program based on the reference-condition approach to water-quality assessment. The reference condition is represented by groups of minimally disturbed sites organized by selected(More)
Outbred laboratory mouse populations are widely used in biomedical research. Since little is known about the degree of genetic variation present in these populations, they are not widely used for genetic studies. Commercially available outbred CD-1 mice are drawn from an extremely large breeding population that has accumulated many recombination events,(More)
List of Figures Figure 1 Sampling gear for lakes and streams a: Kick net b: Activity trap c: Ekman grab d: Sieve bag for Ekman samples e: Vertical tow net (i) Figure 2 Example of a typical catchment showing the drainage divide and stream-order analysis, using the Strahler (1964) system. Figure 3 Sketch of a sample stream reach indicating channel and(More)
Reference-condition models for the Fraser River catchment were developed using samples collected during The goal of this study was to examine applicability to the reference-condition models of samples collected in other seasons and the effect of taxonomic resolution (genus and family) on model sensitivity to seasonal variation in the benthic invertebrate(More)
BACKGROUND Gastric electrical stimulation (GES) is implicated as a potential therapy for difficult-to-treat nausea and vomiting; however, there is a lack of insight into the mechanisms responsible for these effects. This study tested the relationship between acute GES and emesis in musk shrews, an established emetic model system. METHODS(More)
Neurophysiology requires an extensive workflow of information analysis routines, which often includes incompatible proprietary software, introducing limitations based on financial costs, transfer of data between platforms, and the ability to share. An ecosystem of free open-source software exists to fill these gaps, including thousands of analysis and(More)
, freshwater science lost one of its finest researchers and mentors. We lost a close friend and colleague. Richard Norris was born in Canberra on January 18, 1951 into a scientific family. His father Kenneth (Dick) Norris was a renowned Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) entomologist, a dipteran systematist. His uncle Don(More)
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