David M. Rankin

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This paper considers the performance of single parity check (SPC) multidimensional product codes in an Additive White Gaussian Noise channel. Asymptotic performance bounds are derived and compared to simulation results. A new code structure based on SPC product codes is introduced. This structure involves interleaving between the encoding of each dimension.(More)
We propose a simple class of encoding/decoding techniques that can be used to improve the information outage rate of certain multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) systems. Gains in outage rate can be achieved at low to moderate signal-to-noise ratios in MIMO systems that have fewer receive antennas than transmit antennas. This performance improvement is due(More)
The parallel and serial concatenation of codes is well established as a practical means of achieving excellent performance. In this paper, we introduce the parallel and serial concatenation of single parity check (SPC) product codes. The weight distribution of these codes is analyzed and the performance is bounded. Simulation results confirm these bounds at(More)
A process of data acquisition and analysis of text files for the purpose of following the insurgence and growth of words in the English language is reported. Pitfalls that were encountered and the solutions that were found to these problems are also discussed. The question of whether the Zipf-Mandelbrot law applies to the distribution of words in a language(More)
Health Information Technology (Health IT) constitutes an integral component of the operations of most academic dental institutions nowadays. However, the expenses associated with the acquisition and the ongoing maintenance of these complex systems have often been buried among costs for other electronic infrastructure systems, distributed across various cost(More)
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