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Un échantillon purifié de cholestérol-4-C14 a été absorbé par des feuilles de 2 plantes deDigitalis purpurea. Après 18 jours on a extrait les plantes et séparé les composés radioactifs. Environ 1% des métabolites globales a été constaté en forme de pregnénolone. Ainsi le cholestérol peut agir comme précurseur des stérols végétaux.
The alcohol extract of Erysimum inconspicuum fruits, which exhibited cytotoxic activity against the KB cell line and some activity against the P-388 lymphocytic leukemia in vivo, was studied. Strophanthidin, uzarigenin, and two sulfur-containing lactones, erysulfone[6-methylsulfonyl-4-hydroxyhexanoic acid lactone] and(More)
Methods for oxidations at the 6(7)- and 22(23)-double bonds in the phenyltriazoline adduct of ergosterol acetate (I) are described. KMnO4 and OsO4 were found to react with the 6(7)-double bond to yield the 6,7-glycol and osmate ester, respectively. Other reagents (I2/AgOAc, H2O2, m-chloroperbenzoic acid, HCO3H) formed either isomeric epoxides or glycols(More)
The chemical and spectroscopic properties of several reaction products of 17β-hydroxy-1,3-seco-2-nor-5α-estran-1-oic acid and 17β-hydroxy-1,3-seco-2-nor-4-oxo-5α-estran-1-oic acid were examined and found to be atypical. For instance, the methyl ester of the first acid was resistant to basic hydrolysis conditions but partly hydrolyzed with 100% H2SO4.(More)
A series of 22 cycloheximide analogues in which the substituents on the cycloheximide ring and imide nitrogen were varied, the glutarimide ring was changed to a succinimide ring, and the ring and/or side-chain oxygens were present as ketone and/or alcohol groups were prepared and sent to the Anticonvulsant Drug Development program of the National Institute(More)