David M Murray

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PURPOSE To derive a regression equation that estimates metabolic equivalent (MET) from accelerometer counts, and to define thresholds of accelerometer counts that can be used to delineate sedentary, light, moderate, and vigorous activity in adolescent girls. METHODS Seventy-four healthy 8th grade girls, age 13 - 14 yr, were recruited from urban areas of(More)
OBJECTIVES The Minnesota Heart Health Program is a 13-year research and demonstration project to reduce morbidity and mortality from coronary heart disease in whole communities. METHODS Three pairs of communities were matched on size and type; each pair had one education site and one comparison site. After baseline surveys, a 5- to 6-year program of mass(More)
OBJECTIVES A randomized school based trial sought to increase fruit and vegetable consumption among children using a multicomponent approach. METHODS The intervention, conducted in 20 elementary schools in St. Paul, targeted a multiethnic group of children who were in the fourth grade in spring 1995 and the fifth grade in fall 1995. The intervention(More)
PURPOSE We consider the issue of summarizing accelerometer activity count data accumulated over multiple days when the time interval in which the monitor is worn is not uniform for every subject on every day. The fact that counts are not being recorded during periods in which the monitor is not worn means that many common estimators of daily physical(More)
BACKGROUND Physical activity is important for weight control and good health; however, activity levels decline in the adolescent years, particularly in girls. DESIGN Group randomized controlled trial. SETTING/PARTICIPANTS Middle school girls with English-speaking skills and no conditions to prevent participation in physical activity in 36 schools in six(More)
Fatigue is a notable clinical problem in cancer survivors, and understanding its pathophysiology is important. This study evaluated relationships between fatigue and both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activity in breast cancer survivors. Norepinephrine and heart rate variability (HRV) were evaluated at rest, as well as during and after a(More)
This study reports intraclass correlation (ICC) for dependent variables used in group-randomized trials (GRTs). The authors also document the effect of two methods suggested to reduce the impact of ICC in GRTs; these two methods are modeling time and regression adjustment for covariates. They coded and analyzed 1,188 ICC estimates from 17 published, in(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the development and psychometric testing of a survey to assess multiple influences on young adolescents' eating behaviors. METHODS A 204-item survey was piloted with middle-school students. We incorporated a broad view of determinants of eating behavior in an effort to expand the current field of predictors. RESULTS The survey was(More)
OBJECTIVE Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA) was a randomized 15-community trial of a community organizing intervention designed to reduce the accessibility of alcoholic beverages to youths under the legal drinking age. METHOD Data were collected at baseline before random assignment of communities to intervention or control condition, and(More)
The present study considered the relation between adolescent gambling behavior and the perceived environment, the component of Jessor and Jessor's (1977) Problem Behavior Theory that assesses the ways that adolescents perceive the attitudes and behaviors of parents and peers. The predominantly African-American sample included 188 sophomores from two urban(More)