David M Millington

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An 4-mo-old male was found to have an isolated increase in 2-methylbutyrylglycine (2-MBG) and 2-methylbutyrylcarnitine (2-MBC) in physiologic fluids. In vitro oxidation studies in cultured fibroblasts using 13C- and 14C-labeled branched chain amino acids indicated an isolated block in 2-methylbutyryl-CoA dehydrogenase (2-MBCDase). Western blotting revealed(More)
Oil-water two-phase flows are encountered in various process industries, such as petroleum and chemical. The measurement of oil volume fraction and its distribution is of particular importance for managing oil production and water disposal and/or water reinjection. The water phase in these environments always has high electrical conductivity, which incurs(More)
UNLABELLED Hepatitis C virus (HCV) subverts host cholesterol metabolism for key processes in its lifecycle. How this interference results in the frequently observed, genotype-dependent clinical sequelae of hypocholesterolemia, hepatic steatosis, and insulin resistance (IR) remains incompletely understood. Hypocholesterolemia typically resolves after(More)
Many notable discoveries have resulted from the characterization or purification of compounds by electrophoresis. The results reported here show that when polyacrylamide gels are used as the support matrix for electrophoresis, proteins can be modified by reaction with unpolymerized monomers of acrylamide, forming covalent acrylamide adduction products. This(More)
Ligation of the deferential vein of the rat has been shown to bring about a reduction in the androgen-dependent activity of the prostatic RNA polymerase enzyme. In the dog, the content of androgens in this vein is of the order of that found in the testicular vein and many times higher than that of peripheral plasma. It seems that the cauda epididymidis(More)
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