David M. Lynch

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Friedreich ataxia (FRDA), a multisystem autosomal recessive condition, is the most common inherited ataxia in Caucasians, affecting approximately 1 in 29,000 individuals. The hallmark clinical features of FRDA include progressive afferent and cerebellar ataxia, dysarthria, impaired vibration sense and proprioception, absent tendon reflexes in lower limbs,(More)
  • Mei-Ling Shen, Spring W. Lee, +4 authors Sue Mutchler
  • 2005
This report has been prepared as an update to Enrollment in Texas Public Schools, 2001-02 (Texas Education Agency [TEA], 2003a). It provides information on enrollment in the Texas public school system from the 1994-95 through 2003-04 school years, based on data collected through the Texas Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS). Enrollment(More)
e are all creatures of habit; the way we think and the views we take are conditioned by our education , society as a whole, and, at a much deeper level, our cultural memories or instinct. It is sometimes surprising how much the past can unconsciously affect today's thinking. George Santayana famously observed, " Those who cannot remember the past are(More)
This paper investigates how bureaucrats set bribes and whether these payments impose significant economic costs. We generate an original dataset on bribe payments at ports in Southern Africa that allows us to take an unusually close look into the black-box of corruption. We find that bribes are product-specific, frequent and substantial. Bribes can(More)
  • Shaun Drabsch, Richard Seton, +12 authors Tom Barton Mp
  • 2002
Each member of that Working Group devoted considerable time and effort into preparing what we hope you will find to be a high quality product of enduring value. The Working Group members were: A wide range of people from within Government, the union movement and the infrastructure sector also participated in informal consultation on this material. While(More)
We generate an original dataset on bribe payments at two competing ports in Southern Africa that allows us to take an unusually close look at the relationship between bureaucratic organization, bribe-setting behavior and the costs corruption imposes on users of public services. We find that bureaucrats follow similar rules of thumb when setting bribes,(More)
Civil conflicts have afflicted a third of all nations and two thirds of Africa since 1991, in some cases drawing a third of male youth into the conflict. Little is known, however, about the impacts of military service on human capital and labor market outcomes due to an absence of data as well as sample selection: recruits are usually self-selected and(More)