David M. Holdich

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Transgenic strains of the nematode Caenorhabditiselegans, which carry stress-inducible lacZ reporter genes, aremeasurably stressed by exposure to heavy metals in aqueous solution. Thisstress response can be quantified, using enzymatic assays for the reportergene-product (Escherichia coli beta-galactosidase), or estimatedapproximately by in situ staining for(More)
Rates of biodiversity loss are higher in freshwater ecosystems than in most terrestrial or marine ecosystems, making freshwater conservation a priority. However, prioritization methods are impeded by insufficient knowledge on the distribution and conservation status of freshwater taxa, particularly invertebrates. We evaluated the extinction risk of the(More)
Sphaeromatid isopods, such as Dynamene, are common and abundant members of the invertebrate fauna of littoral and shallow sublittoral substrates. Six species of Dynamene occur in the northern hemisphere. Only two species exist outside this range, in Australia. The distribution of the various species in the NE Atlantic-Black Sea axis has been controversial(More)
President Clinton mandated the development of an Invasive Species Management Plan for the United States, emphasizing in Executive Order 13112 the severity of the economic, human health, and ecological threats posed by nonindige-nous species (NIS). The plan must review the anthro-pogenic vectors that move species, and recommend measures to minimize future(More)
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