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Clearcutting, a commonly used silvicultural practice in southeastern Ohio, often results in a forest stand with a different species composition than the parent stand. The time frames during which shifts in species composition occur on different sites are unclear. While some studies have documented species composition at specific points in time, none have(More)
Fire-adapted forests of the Lake States region are poorly studied relative to those of the western and southeastern United States and our knowledge base of regional short-and long-term fire effects on soils is limited. We compiled and assessed the body of literature addressing fire effects on soils in Lake States forests to facilitate the re-measurement of(More)
Null mutants of the neural-specific gamma-isotype of protein kinase C (gamma-PKC) have demonstrated differential responses to acute administration of ethanol in comparison with wild-type animals. Previous studies have shown that the mutants are less sensitive to ethanol-induced loss of righting response. Null mutants also consume more ethanol and exhibit(More)
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