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Acknowledgements Dan Apple, founder and president of Pacifi c Crest, is acknowledged as the motivating force and inspiration behind process-oriented education. His insights on activity design, classroom facilitation, and changing the way faculty teach are much appreciated. Troy Wolfskill's numerous insights on teaching and facilitating in a POGIL classroom,(More)
Procedures have been developed for the facile preparation of wheat seedling nuclease in highly purified form. The preparation appears to be homogeneous by many physical criteria; however, analytical gel electrophoresis reveals 12 protein bands, only one of which is catalytically active. It is suggested that most of the inactive species are artifacts formed(More)
This is the first ACM conference specifically devoted to text manipulation, but there have been good papers and books on the topic published in the past. To help define the state of the field as of the time of this first conference, we have assembled this small annotated bibliography listing classic or important past work on text manipulation, including(More)
A rapid, highly sensitive assay for phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase in brain using the natural substrate, norepinephrine, is described. The method is based on the selective adsorption and elution of the reaction product, epinephrine, from alumina. A small but important further lowering of blanks and increase in sensitivity is attained by removal of(More)
Introduction The LUCID Project is developing a web-based system and materials to assist students and teachers in improving student learning outcomes. The system provides a rich set of guided-discovery activities, conceptual questions, exercises, and problems that can be used by students working individually or in teams. Team activities develop conceptual(More)