David M France

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An overview of systematic studies that address the complexity of nanofluid systems and advance the understanding of nanoscale contributions to viscosity, thermal conductivity, and cooling efficiency of nanofluids is presented. A nanoparticle suspension is considered as a three-phase system including the solid phase (nanoparticles), the liquid phase (fluid(More)
  • Surya Kumar Saripella, Rizwan Uddin, David M France, Applications Surya, Kumar Saripella, Rizwan-Uddin +4 others
  • 2007
In this study, the effect of nanofluid heat transfer enhancement in water based systems was investigated from an engineering system perspective. One such system considered was a " Class 8 " truck, diesel engine cooling circuit using two different nanofluids to replace the conventional engine coolant. Results include quantifications of increase in engine(More)
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