David M France

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Genetic studies in the mouse have demonstrated that conditional cardiac-restricted loss of connexin43 (Cx43), the major ventricular gap junction protein, is highly arrhythmogenic. However, whether more focal gap junction remodeling, as is commonly seen in acquired cardiomyopathies, influences the propensity for arrhythmogenesis is not known. We examined(More)
AIM To determine how increases in surgical patient volume will affect emergency department (ED) access to inpatient cardiac services. To compare how strategies to increase cardiology inpatient throughput can either accommodate increases in surgical volume or improve ED patient access. METHODS A stochastic discrete event simulation was created to model(More)
C57BL/6 mice are susceptible to diet-induced atherosclerosis, whereas BALB/c mice are resistant. The susceptibility of C57BL/6 mice has been linked to decreased plasma HDL cholesterol in response to a diet containing fat, cholesterol, and cholic acid. Feeding C57BL/6 mice a diet consisting of fat and cholesterol, but no cholic acid, increased plasma high(More)
An overview of systematic studies that address the complexity of nanofluid systems and advance the understanding of nanoscale contributions to viscosity, thermal conductivity, and cooling efficiency of nanofluids is presented. A nanoparticle suspension is considered as a three-phase system including the solid phase (nanoparticles), the liquid phase (fluid(More)
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