David M. Dozier

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The fast food industry has been increasingly criticized for creating brand loyalty in young consumers. Food marketers are well versed in reaching children and youth given the importance of brand loyalty on future food purchasing behavior. In addition, food marketers are increasingly targeting the Hispanic population given their growing spending power. The(More)
Entertainment-education (E-E) assumes that actors performing content should be ethnically and culturally homogeneous with targeted audiences. The present study challenges this basic E-E assumption. Findings are presented from audience members who viewed When Cancer Calls… This theatrical production was constructed from verbatim transcriptions of naturally(More)
Basic communication research has identified a major social problem: communicating about cancer from diagnosis through death of a loved one. Over the past decade, an award-winning investigation into how family members talk through cancer on the telephone, based on a corpus of 61 phone calls over a period of 13 months, has been transformed into a theatrical(More)
OBJECTIVE To study frequency and traits of characters that smoke in films and to document on-screen consequences of tobacco use. DESIGN This study conducted a content analysis of the top 100 grossing films in 2002, with a total global gross of 12.4 billion US dollars. OUTCOME MEASURES Three outcome measures were frequency of smoking incidents, traits of(More)
New cancer patients frequently raise concerns about fears, uncertainties, and hopes during oncology interviews. This study sought to understand when and how patients raise their concerns, how doctors responded to these patient-initiated actions, and implications for communication satisfaction. A subsampling of video recorded and transcribed encounters was(More)
OBJECTIVE We address cancer communication by creating and assessing the impacts of a theatrical production, When Cancer Calls…(WCC…), anchored in conversations from the first natural history of a patient and family members talking through cancer on the telephone. METHODS A national study was conducted using a multi-site and randomized controlled trial. An(More)
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