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Purpose: Postactivation barriers to oncology clinical trial accruals are well documented; however, potential barriers prior to trial opening are not. We investigate one such barrier: trial development time. trials for all therapeutic, nonpediatric phase I, I/II, II, and III studies activated between 2000 and 2004 were investigated for an 8-year period (n =(More)
PURPOSE We examine the processes and document the calendar time required to activate phase II and III clinical trials by an oncology group: the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG). METHODS Setup steps were documented by (a) interviewing ECOG headquarters and statistical center staff, and committee chairs, (b) reviewing standard operating procedure(More)
OBJECTIVES Improvements in electronic health record (EHR) system development will require an understanding of psychiatric clinicians' views on EHR system acceptability, including effects on psychotherapy communications, data-recording behaviors, data accessibility versus security and privacy, data quality and clarity, communications with medical colleagues,(More)
This paper discusses an extended adaptive supply network simulation model that explicitly captures growth (in terms of change in size over time, and birth and death) based on Utterback's (Utterback 1994) industrial growth model. The paper discusses the detailed behavioral modeling of the key components in the model with the help of statechart and decision(More)