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Acute myelopathies (acute transverse myelopathies) can be divided into two major groups. Vascular myelopathies are caused by aortic disease, surgery, or intrinsic vascular disease of cord vessels. Inflammatory/demyelinative myelopathies include lupus erythematosus, various viral infections, and primary demyelinating disease. Criteria for diagnostic(More)
A survey of the isoenzyme patterns of phosphoglucomutase (PGM) as demonstrated by starch gel electrophoresis has been undertaken in different species. Seven mammals, two birds, one reptile, two amphibians, four fish, and four invertebrates were studied, and in some cases several tissues were examined. In all cases the predominant enzyme present was a group(More)
Idiopathic thrombosis of the cerebral venous structures is a rare complication of malignancy. The clinical, radiologic, pathologic, and laboratory findings in the 15 previously reported cases are reviewed, and three additional cases are reported. The clinical syndrome that develops in such patients is similar to that seen in other patients with cerebral(More)
Causes include congenital defects, trauma, and inflammation. Some forms are overdiagnosed, particularly carpal tunnel syndrome. Others--such as thoracic outlet syndrome and anterior interosseous nerve syndrome--are rare. Diagnosis and management are relatively straightforward in most cases, but much remains to be learned about the natural course and(More)
As many as 89% of gastric ulcer patients experience ulcer recurrences within 1 year of successful healing with conventional antiulcer therapies. Because ranitidine is effective in the healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers and the maintenance of healed duodenal ulcers, we hypothesized that ranitidine would also be effective in the maintenance of healed(More)
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