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DNA sequence information underpins genetic research, enabling discoveries of important biological or medical benefit. Sequencing projects have traditionally used long (400-800 base pair) reads, but the existence of reference sequences for the human and many other genomes makes it possible to develop new, fast approaches to re-sequencing, whereby shorter(More)
  • W R E N C, E D B R O W N, L B C L E M E N T, ‡ A N D N A T H A N, Y S H A, Mike Baer, David Bailey +25 others
  • 2015
Our objective is to penetrate the " black box " of sell-side financial analysts by providing new insights into the inputs analysts use and the incentives they face. We survey 365 analysts and conduct 18 follow-up interviews covering a wide range of topics, including the inputs to analysts' earnings forecasts and stock recommendations, the value of their(More)
  • Ronald J Chenail, References Adamson, Gooberman-Hill, R Woolhead, Donovan, V A Anfara +7 others
  • 2005
(2004). 'Questerviews': Using questionnaires in qualitative interviews as a method of integrating qualitative and quantitative health services research. (2003). Within-case and across-case approaches to qualitative data analysis. (2003). Qualitative data analysis: Challenges and dilemmas related to theory and method.
There is considerable utility in the use of transcranial Doppler ultrasound (TCD) to assess cerebrovascular function. The brain is unique in its high energy and oxygen demand but limited capacity for energy storage that necessitates an effective means of regional blood delivery. The relative low cost, ease-of-use, non-invasiveness, and excellent temporal(More)
Body size trends across environmental gradients are widely reported but poorly understood. Here, we investigate contrasting relationships between size (body mass) and depth in the scavenging and predatory demersal ichthyofauna (800-4800 m) of the North-east Atlantic. The mean size of scavenging fish, identified as those regularly attracted to baited(More)
The oceanic abyss (depths greater than 3000 m), one of the largest environments on the planet, is characterized by absence of solar light, high pressures and remoteness from surface food supply necessitating special molecular, physiological, behavioural and ecological adaptations of organisms that live there. Sampling by trawl, baited hooks and cameras we(More)
In vivo (31)P-nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy was used to measure the levels of ATP, phospho-l-arginine (PLA), and inorganic phosphate in the adductor muscle of the Antarctic scallop Adamussium colbecki and two temperate species, Aequipecten opercularis and Pecten maximus. Graded exercise regimes from light (one to two contractions) to(More)
Few time series of deep-sea systems exist from which the factors affecting abyssal fish populations can be evaluated. Previous analysis showed an increase in grenadier abundance, in the eastern North Pacific, which lagged epibenthic megafaunal abundance, mostly echinoderms, by 9-20 months. Subsequent diet studies suggested that carrion is the grenadier's(More)
BACKGROUND Solid tumor metastasis to the epididymis is a rare occurrence and is mostly discovered incidentally at autopsy or after therapeutic orchidectomy for prostate cancer. Other primary carcinomas that have been demonstrated to metastasize to the paratesticular region include those originating in the stomach, kidney, ileum, and colon. CASE(More)