David M. Abrahamson

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R. D. Laing's mental hospital experience has been considered a formative influence on his controversial views. This paper addresses a number of discrepancies in the existing accounts: important aspects of the refractory ward and 'rumpus room' were underestimated; all the 'rumpus room' patients were not discharged and readmitted as repeatedly stated; his(More)
Previous object code compression schemes have employed static and semiadaptive compression algorithms to reduce the size of instruction memory in embedded systems. The suggestion by a number of researchers that adaptive compression techniques are unlikely to yield satisfactory results for code compression has resulted in virtually no investigation of their(More)
A B S T R A C T We introduce Handy, a Haskell-based virtual machine for execution of ARM assembly code implemented in a clean functional style. Handy implements the ARM4T Instruction Set Architecture and features a design informed by the ARM7TDMI processor. I hereby declare that this project is entirely my own work and that it has not been submitted as an(More)