David M. Abrahamson

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R. D. Laing's mental hospital experience has been considered a formative influence on his controversial views. This paper addresses a number of discrepancies in the existing accounts: important aspects of the refractory ward and 'rumpus room' were underestimated; all the 'rumpus room' patients were not discharged and readmitted as repeatedly stated; his(More)
In this paper we introduce an adaptive technique for compressing small quantities of text which are organized as a rooted directed graph. We impose a constraint on the technique such that data encountered during a traversal of any valid path through the graph must be recoverable without requiring the expansion of data that is not on the path in question.(More)
Uniqueness typing can be used to add side effects to a functional programming language without losing referential transparency. Unfortunately uniqueness types often involve implications between uniqueness attributes, which complicates type inference and incorporating modern extensions such as arbitrary rank types. In this paper we show how to avoid these(More)