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Ontological Choices and the Value-Free Ideal
The aim of this article is to argue that ontological choices in scientific practice undermine common formulations of the value-free ideal in science. First, I argue that the truth values ofExpand
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Extended cognition and the explosion of knowledge
The aim of this article is to show that externalist accounts of cognition such as Clark and Chalmers' (1998) “active externalism” lead to an explosion of knowledge that is caused by online resourcesExpand
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How race travels: relating local and global ontologies of race
This article develops a framework for addressing racial ontologies in transnational perspective. In contrast to simple contextualist accounts, it is argued that a globally engaged metaphysics of raceExpand
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Light-induced multielectron charge transfer processes occurring in a series of Group-8-platinum cyanobridged complexes
Abstract Although true multielectron charge transfer processes do not exist within the realm of molecular photochemistry, one can design mimicking systems via the production of a reactiveExpand
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Relating traditional and academic ecological knowledge: mechanistic and holistic epistemologies across cultures
Current debates about the integration of traditional and academic ecological knowledge (TEK and AEK) struggle with a dilemma of division and assimilation. On the one hand, the emphasis on differencesExpand
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New entry OEM – A global phenomenon
The number of so-called new entry OEM is growing constantly and is not only restricted to the Chinese marketplace (refer to figure 1). Besides, the business motivation for these companies to enterExpand
A Historical Diagnosis
Pluralism is a fringe position in debates about the metaphysics of mind as the large majority of philosophers endorse either physicalism or dualism. While my proposal of a pluralist theory of theExpand
Universal Design for Virtual Worlds
We describe three broad approaches to the issue of accessibility design within Virtual Worlds. Our intent is to stimulate the thinking of content designers within Virtual Worlds about theseExpand
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The New Colossus
Sur un poeme d'Emma Lazarus. - En memoire du 11 septembre 2001. - Dedicace a Judith Clurman et les Todi music singers. - Date de composition : 2002