David Luban

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  • Jeff Mcmahan, Allen Buchanan, John Deigh, George Kateb, Thaddeus Metz, Saul Smilansky +18 others
  • 2004
The traditional theory of the just war comprises two sets of principles, one governing the resort to war (jus ad bellum) and the other governing the conduct of war (jus in bello). The two sets of principles are regarded, in Michael Walzer's words, as " logically independent. It is perfectly possible for a just war to be fought unjustly and for an unjust war(More)
  • Allegra M Mcleod, Bruce Ackerman, Paul Butler, Devon Carbado, David Cole, Emma Coleman Jordan +22 others
  • 2015
AbstrAct This Article introduces to legal scholarship the first sustained discussion of prison abolition and what I will call a " prison abolitionist ethic. " Prisons and punitive policing produce tremendous brutality, violence, racial stratification, ideological rigidity, despair, and waste. Meanwhile, incarceration and prison-backed policing neither(More)
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