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We contribute an empirically derived noise model for the Kinect sensor. We systematically measure both lateral and axial noise distributions, as a function of both distance and angle of the Kinect to an observed surface. The derived noise model can be used to filter Kinect depth maps for a variety of applications. Our second contribution applies our derived(More)
To determine the epidemiologic and clinical features of a 2008 outbreak of Hendra virus infection in a veterinary clinic in Australia, we investigated the equine case-series. Four of 5 infected horses died, as did 1 of 2 infected staff members. Clinical manifestation in horses was predominantly neurologic. Preclinical transmission appears likely.
When crystallization screening is conducted many outcomes are observed but typically the only trial recorded in the literature is the condition that yielded the crystal(s) used for subsequent diffraction studies. The initial hit that was optimized and the results of all the other trials are lost. These missing results contain information that would be(More)
In the life sciences, many measurement methods yield only the relative abundances of different components in a sample. With such relative-or compositional-data, differential expression needs careful interpretation, and correlation-a statistical workhorse for analyzing pairwise relationships-is an inappropriate measure of association. Using yeast gene(More)
The Chair proposed moving item 12.a on the agenda, the proposal to restructure the Faculty Senate, forward to just after item number 7, Announcements. There were no additional changes suggested from the floor, and the agenda was approved as amended. Senate Chair Bruce Balick began his remarks by introducing Alex Bolton, the newest member of the Faculty(More)
Natural history collections are an invaluable resource housing a wealth of knowledge with a long tradition of contributing to a wide range of fields such as taxonomy, quarantine, conservation and climate change. It is recognized however [Smith and Blagoderov 2012] that such physical collections are often heavily underutilized as a result of the practical(More)
Capturing high-quality 3D models of insects is challenging - they are usually too small for laser or depth camera based systems, and techniques such as CT scanning do not record color. We have developed a prototype system that generates unprecedentedly high-quality natural-color 3D models of various insects from 3mm to 30 mm in length. Through the use of 3D(More)
Many techniques in information retrieval produce counts from a sample, and it is common to analyse these counts as proportions of the whole---term frequencies are a familiar example. Proportions carry only relative information and are not free to vary independently of one another: for the proportion of one term to increase, one or more others must decrease.(More)
classroom use is granted without fee provided that copies are not made or distributed for commercial advantage and that copies bear this notice and the full citation on the first page. Copyrights for third-party components of this work must be honored. For all other uses, contact the Owner/Author. Figure 1. Left: Various 3D insect models (above) and photos(More)